Our drilling services include the drilling of vertical, deviated and horizontal exploration and development wells from a depth of 700 meters to wells in excess of 6,000 meters.

We are one of the few companies in the UK to offer specialized drilling service known as sidetracking. Sidetracking requires the use of customized mobile drilling rigs with lifting capacity of approximately 100 to 160 tons. We consider ourselves to be one of the few experienced providers of sidetracking services in the UK.

GEOTEX Group drilling equipment stock covers drilling rigs of various lifting capacity, mobile drilling rigs, packaged plants, cluster drilling plants. Depending upon project requirements, drilling rigs are equipped with top drive, closed circulation system with four-stage fluid processing system, high-capacity triplex pumps, etc.

Range of services provided by GEOTEX drilling companies:

  • Drilling rig and equipment mobilization and demobilization services
  • Construction of drilling site, access ways and communications
  • Derrick mounting
  • Logistics
  • Drilling vertical, directional and horizontal wells up to 6 500 m deep
  • Well reconstruction using sidetracking
  • Multihole drilling
  • Final well construction work, including remediation
  • Well cluster construction
  • Other