About Us

Geotex Testing Equipment Ltd. (Geotex TE) is a pioneer in the supply of the highest quality geophysical equipment and the delivery of client-oriented services in the field of geophysical surveys and land surveying. Our organisation provides a one-stop solution for a diverse range of geophysical, geotechnical and land surveying instruments and systems. Our brand offers the most appropriate, optimised solutions to clients from a wide range of up-to-date, user-friendly, light-weight and reliable products. We aim to consistently adopt the best new technologies available; continually refining our available solutions to ensure that we are able to meet the changing needs of our clients and react to ongoing market dynamics.

At Geotex TE, we believe in the importance of long term business relationships, meaning that client satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that, in this challenging and ever-changing business scenario, human resources play a vital role. For this reason, Geotex TE hires well trained and experienced engineers to ensure that our commitments to our clients are fulfilled. These engineers and our qualified geophysicists are always ready to assist clients, providing a wealth of information about the most demanding and challenging geophysical and land surveying equipment. This fusion of high specification geophysical technology, supported by a team of proficient staff and ongoing investment into new technology, makes use a pioneer the geophysical field.