Heterogeneity Remote Detector NR-1700G

NR-1700G is a portable, lightweight, and easy-to use instrument designed for detection of heterogeneities, anomalies and other objects buried in solid environment (which wood, brick, reinforced concrete, building constructions, soil, etc)

NR-1700 G can detect

  • Explosives in any enclosure
  • Frameless explosive
  • Shelter and covered-up holes
  • Covered-up wiring, pipelines, cable lines
  • Venti lati on and communicati on channels

NR-1700G is a super broadband underground detector of electro physical anomalies. The results of the internal structure of the examined objects are seen on LCD display in real time.

Penetrati on depth up to 1m
Resolution 3 cm (minimum diameter
of object 0.5 m)
DSP control unit with LCD display
Penetrati on speed up to 1 m/sec
Central frequency 1700 Mhz
Weight 1.7 kg
Temperature range - 20°C …+ 50°C
Running ti me not less than 8 hours