Two-Channel GPR OKO-2 (400 MHz and 150 MHz)


  • Two-channel control unit
  • Synchronous sounding by two antenna units
  • Independent operation with each antenna unit
  • Synchronous visualization of two channels and independent file processing
  • Penetration velocity:
    - up to 12 km/h in two-channel mode
    - 24 km/h in single-channel mode by pitch 5 cm
  • Moving of antenna units on wheels or a mono-ski


  • Running time is up to 4 hours
  • Absence of antenna assembly crosstalk
  • Signal control and processing by the GeoScan32
  • Operation with Displacement transducer

Antenna Maximum Penetration Depth (m) Depth Resolution (m)
АB-150 16 0.35
АB-400 5 0.15


Geoscan 32 is designed for control of the ground penetration radar (GPR), as well as for further processing and visualization of the data obtained in the process of scanning.


  • GPR data acquisition with OKO-2 GPR in continuous mode, arrow mode (using odometer) and step-by-step mode
  • Data visualization during the survey
  • Interactive determination of layer speeds and local objects occurrence depths
  • Layer-by-layer processing;
  • Area survey data processing
  • Terrain correction
  • Trace editing


RadExplorer - is designed for interactive processing and interpretation of GPR data developed by DECO Geophysical.RadExplorer is a specially designed program for GPR (ground-penetrating radar) data processing and interpretation. The options set optimized for GPR data and friendly human-engineered interface allow quick and effective processing of GPR data.


  • Automatic selection of optimum data processing parameters by default depending on the parameters of the data
  • Interactive construction of data processing flows with ability to save them on hard disk and re-use with other files
  • Unlimited undo of the processing routines
  • Interactive detemination of dielectric constant/velocity in the media and depth of target objects
  • Reflection picking with saving the obtained picks into tabular text file

Flexible model editor and time-to-depth conversion


RadExPro Plus is designed for comprehensive processing and interpretation of near-surface on-shore and off-shore seismic, VSP and GPR data under Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista.

  • Reflection data processing and interpretation
  • Field quality control (QC) of 2D/3D seismic data
  • Refraction seismic data processing and interpretation
  • VSP data processing
  • GPR data processing and interpretation

RadExPro Plus™ is operating on inexpensive Windows-driven PC's and workstations. Install it onto a notebook and take afield or aboard a research vessel and enjoy all the potential of the full-blown system for seismic processing, interpretation and quality control!


  • Convenient and easy data input/output allows loading of seismic and GPR data recorded almost in any format either from disk or tape
  • User-friendly graphical interface enables construction of sophysticated processing flows for batch processing of seismic and GPR data
  • Exhaustive set of efficient processing and QC procedures
  • Set of fast interactive tools for seismic and GPR data visualization and analysis
  • Handy interpreation facilities: horizon picking, seismic sequence attribute analysis, interactive map, well-log data visualization
  • Flexible trace header management, including mathematical operations with header fields and much more
  • Special means for visualization and analysis of header field values
  • Powerful and effective data base which allows storing of seismic data, processing flows, well data, picks, velocity data, grids, etc

Open scalable architecture – if you miss a specific module, you can build it yourself and integrate into the package! (Programmers working in MS Visual C++ will be provided with special User Application Wizard).