DELTA-03 Seismic Signal Recorder

DELTA-03 provides automatic registration of seismic signals generated by natural and artificial sources of seismic vibrations.

It can be used as permanent seismograph station with the possibility of data logging to a removable high-capacity flash disk and data transmission to PC for real-time analysis and recording

Operation modes

  • continuous recording
  • recording upon seismic event detection
  • launch to continuous mode or detection mode within specified time intervals (by calendar)
  • recording upon external-timing reference

* When recording-upon-detection mode is active the digital signaling processor identifies and registers only wanted seismic signals. In addition, the modified algorithm STA/LTA providing multiwindow time-and-frequency analysis is used


It is PC-based via interfaces Ethernet 10/100 and RS-232


  • by real time clock
  • reference frequency of real-time clock is generated by precision, high-stable, temperature-stabilized oscillator
  • real-time clock is set and checked automatically within time points specified by operator using the integral GPS-receiver or at the command of operator.

Telemetering networks

The recorder is designed as a part of telemetering network using the GSM system or sattellite modems in the data mode, telephone modems.

Telemetering networking is possible using the Internet connected via GPRS modems and local networks with the external IP address

Number of Channels 4 or 8
Instantaneous Dynamic Range 120dB

0.05 (0.1) .. 7.5 Hz 0.05 (0.1) .. 15 Hz

Registered Frequency Range 0.05 (0.1) .. 30 Hz 0.05 (0.1) .. 60 Hz
0.05 (0.1) .. 120 Hz 0.05 (0.1) .. 240 Hz
Nonlinear Reflectivity Factor 0.005%
Input Adjusted Noise Level 0.07 mkV
Integral Attenuator Suppression Value -20; 0; 20; 40 dB
Flash-disk Memory up to 32 Gb
Power Supply 9 .. 27 V
Power Consumption 1.6 or 2.5 Wt (According to complete set delivery)
Operation Temperature Range -40ºC .. +60ºC
Size 257 x 169 x 61 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Instability of Reference Temperature-Stabilized Oscillator 25·10-8
Precise Time Setting and Test GPS, automatically

The recorder can be packaged with compatible Lennartz velocimeters: LE-3DLite (1…80Hz); LE-3D/5s (0.2...40Hz);
LE-3D/20s (0.05… 40Hz) or accelerometers: À1632; À0531.
The recorder can be operated with any other types of seismometers.

  • The recorder control software is compatible with Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
  • User-friendly interface provides easy control with the recorder
  • Graphic applications provide on-line efficient analysis of obtained data
  • Software makes it possible to use the PC