Surveying Equipment

About Us

Geotex Testing Equipment Ltd. deals with the provision of integrated survey services to the infrastructure and environmental sectors. Adopting a clear approach toward work, we can channel all-embracing geophysical data acquisition and experience in order to provide the best all-round service to our clients. We use the latest technologies, enabling us to offer an extensive range of targeted solutions to fulfil advanced surveying needs, including real-time kinematic (RTK) and VRS NOW systems, robotic and reflector-less total stations. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of technological development in land survey operation, particularly in terms of data gathering and display. While doing the land survey, we consider all aspects of a project including design, cost, sustainability, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and restoration or preservation of buildings.

We are committed to the delivery of maximum values through the latest technology to our clientele base. We work to keep our focus clear and simple, obtaining and analysing data throughout the duration of our clients’ projects. Geotex TE works exclusively with skilled staff and quality providers to ensure the best-in-class technical support, as well as the adequate supply of resources as per the market dynamics. Whether you are a government agency, business or individual, our surveyors and engineers are always ready to work with you to identify and deliver the best possible solution to your land surveying needs.