Multi frequency GPR OKO-2 (250 MHz and 700 MHz)

The integrated multi-frequency GPR OKO-2 is designed for automatic location of object at the different depth simultaneously in real time. This GPR combines the multi-channel control unit, the antenna 250 MHz and the antenna 700 MHz, the notebook, the power supply unit, the odometer DP-32, the removable trolley.


  • Special integrated two-frequency antenna
  • Two-channel control unit
  • Removable two (four) wheel trolley
  • User-friendly software interface
  • High Accuracy GPR data
  • Independent operation with each antenna unit
Antenna dual, at 250 MHz and 700 MHz frequency, shielded
Penetration depth
frequency 250 MHz up to 8 m
frequency 700 MHz up to 3 m
frequency 250 MHz up to 0,25 m
frequency 700 MHz up to 0,05 m
Antenna 82x43x13 cm
Trolley 85x45x15 cm
Antenna 9.7 kg
Trolley 4.5 kg
Power consumption 11 Watt
Running time up to 4 hours