Construction Scan 1700

Construction Scan 1700 is a portable, lightweight and easy-to use GPR system designed for automatic location of objects in different constructions (including concrete) up to a depth of 1m in real time.


NR-1700 G can detect

  • All-in-one GPR system
  • colour 5” TFT display
  • laser indicator of movement
  • built-in USB interface
  • wheels with odometer
  • quickly-detachable 15V battery
  • built-in odometer
  • Internal 2 GB Flash memory card
  • Running ti me 4 hours

Construction Scan 1700 includes a control processing unit, LCD display, the antenna unit AB-1700 and a power supply unit in one enclosure. The control processing unit provides processing, displaying and saving of the scanning results. CK-1700 accumulates informati on in the internal 2 GB Flash memory card and transfers it to the PC via the USB interface. There is a special marking rug with a bar code for precision 3D scanning of objects.


  • Detection and location of different defects in reinforced concrete
    • Cells, cavities
    • Foreign inclusions
    • Cracks, layering
  • Determination of reinforcement specifications
    • Size
    • Occurrence depth
    • Degree of corrosion
  • Detection of buried wiring, cables and communications lines
  • Detection of plastic and metal pipelines
  • Detection of heterogeneities, anomalies and other buried in solid environment (which wood, brick, reinforced concrete, building constructions, soil, etc)
  • Discovering of ventilation and communication channels
  • Detection of shelters and covered-up holes


Penetration depth not less than 1m
Resolution not less than 30 cm
Minimum diameter of detected
0.3 mm
Rate of penetration not less than 1m/sec
Antenna central frequency 1700 Mhz
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 22x17x14 cm
Temperature range -20° +50°?
Running time 4 hours